Good Friday

Let’s stop and think of what Good Friday means to all of us who believe that Jesus died on the cross and arose from death.

Jesus died for our sins and he arose from the dead so that all may have eternal life.

The love God has for All of us to give his only son to die for this world 🌎. This is incredible love beyond our own ability to love. We could never do that , but God is truly LOVE.

God’s love is amazing and without definition , because this love has never been put into action before.

As we celebrate Easter let’s also honor our Lord everyday of the year for his incredible love that has been put into action. Happy Easter.. He has risen… he’s not in the tomb. He’s in all of our hearts who have accepted that he is Lord!


Keep moving

As you go from one minute to the next, you have to keep moving.

Moving through life… through the good and the bad. Happy events will come, but be sure to know that bad ones will come too. Keep moving, and don’t look behind. Reminiscing on the good but keep moving. You aren’t there anymore, you are here… where you are supposed to be.

Put your mind above all the things that make you sad. Move to a better place.

Keep moving

Make the difference

What are you doing with your precious life while you are here?? Alive with strength and breathe? Are you making the difference? Are you doing your part in this world?

Strive for increments of happiness, of peace and of course making a difference.

Make the difference for the next generation coming up into a lost world.

How you make the difference is totally up to your comfort level, but I say go beyond your comfort level and do something new. Do something that no one has ever done… then you will see the true difference.

How’s your day going???

How’s your day going so far?

I am starting to see the difference in my day when I don’t focus on the bad.

It’s very difficult for me to not notice when I am having a bad day. I’m now trying to look at it as a good day with a minor bump. When I start to think I am having a bad day… notice I said think, I immediately change my thought. Thinking is the key to how you enjoy your day. Think great thoughts… put yourself in a good space by adjusting your thoughts. You have control over your day.

Enjoy your day. 💫 change your thoughts

It starts and ends with me

I can’t control people’s ignorance.

It starts and ends with me.

I choose to acknowledge the ignorance for what it is and then let it go.

People are ignorant based on many different issues but the main reason is home training. What’s taught at home usually carries into the person’s life.

That is why you can notice a career criminal who does the worse crimes still may remember to address people with respect. I’m only basing this on my experience.

I choose to acknowledge that ignorance and send love and peace

As I seek truth on my journey to healing, I am trying to get out of my own way.

People are people and sometimes it can take one person to make them see something differently from how they usually do.

It ends with me… I end the anger and I will see a brighter day .

A day that will come through my journey of Truth