In honor of…

What are you honoring today?

Is there a person who has passed away that you honor? Or maybe someone alive who is the joy in your life. I honor today my brother. It’ was his birthday yesterday and even in his passing he’s very much alive in my heart and his presence constantly flows around me and through me.

Honor in love, honor with kindness and compassion but most of all honor in life.

Give honor in life and be sure to never forget the happy times and keep them in ur heart always.

Let’s try some …

Happy new year… this month is quickly ending. Let’s try and have compassion on every one we come in contact with, but also try some on you… this year I will start with me. Be compassionate regarding your time and energy. Be sure to spend them both wisely. As we go into a new month leave the past behind and go forward with compassion and love

Merry Christmas or… merry CHRIST day

Today many of us celebrate Christmas in honor of Jesus birth. Remember he is the true reason for the season. A gift is nice but the real gift we all are given is when Jesus was born to man . He came to us and then later died that we may have eternal life. That’s the greatest gift we could ever receive. I’m taking time to reflect on the past months as we go into the new year and I am savoring every moment whether good or bad. I am leaving them there as memories and later on I will go back and remember every detail.

I will give praise to God for sending his son and I will be grateful for my life

Let’s remember it’s Christ Day for all those who celebrate. He’s the reason that we can have joy and comfort and peace for all the things that may have hurt us.

May the warmth of this season take over your spirit on this day and always.

The love of Christ be with you❤️👑🔑💫


As the seasons change so do we. Well, perhaps, you are saying that you don’t. I beg to differ… you see you are changing and revolving constantly.

We as people change our hair,we change our cars when needed , or by want. We change lipstick and hair color. We change things we don’t like or we simply change for the sake of something different, something new.

The seasons are designed to bring out the old and bring in new. New circumstances whether good or bad.

As the seasons change we need to align ourselves to the change. We also need to change the things that no longer serve us.

Look to the seasons of change in your life. Embrace it. The change is designed to bring you into your next level of life.


Sometimes I look up in the sky and I see my brother… can you imagine? Yes I imagine he’s there watching over all his loved ones. He’s there letting us know he’s alright and we’re going to be alright.

Sometimes I imagine what it’s like.

To be free and no stress . No more pain. Gee, I am feeling better about missing him and other loved ones that I lost .They are all together. What a family reunion!!! They are happy and in the presence of our Lord. I’m so happy about that. They are safe. What I know is my brother is happy and I also know he would not want to come back. His energy is limitless !!!

Look up into the sky and imagine… sometimes you need to just to remind yourself that there is another place beyond this world. One day we all will go.

Try something new

Have you ever got tired of the everyday events that you participate on a daily basis? Somethings are necessary for the daily grind we all face, but , can you imagine trying something different?

Something new… something that you would never think to try. Step away from a break that keeps you in the office. Why not try taking a walk or read a book. My favorite thing to do is walk, however, sometimes I may go hide away in my car or in a place that I can read my Bible. Or I like to read a motivational message.

We can always try something different. When you start to try something new it opens up possibilities for new opportunities or provides peace from the struggles of everyday life.

Try something new and watch your life change through positive thoughts and the ability to walk away from stress.


When you are at the bottom of your rope… the rope of faith , of strength of ability. Pull your self up by any means necessary. Use the positive thoughts and prayers to rise high to the top without falling, but when you do, be sure to lift someone else who is at the bottom. You will have a feeling of accomplishment, of strength that you have never felt. God put this in all of us, but most people don’t use it. Hope is going to move you through the struggle , because without hope you will stay at your lowest point. Hope for the best and while you are hoping be sure to do what you must to rise and help someone else along the way.

The way is not easy

It isn’t easy to overcome many of the obstacles we face on a daily basis, but keep going. Chose your path wisely and surrender it unto God. Ultimately our ways are ordered by God. The way isn’t easy , because of the things we cannot control. Let go of the uncontrollable things and control your portion. Give the things you cannot control to God. The way is hard and uncertain, however,God knows your way. Surrender your path to him and keep going. The way isn’t easy but you aren’t alone . God promised to never leave you and he has personal angels assigned to each of us. Keep going… the way isn’t easy but it’s worth the outcome, it’s worth the destination the end result is eternal life. Walk your path on this earth and enjoy everyday. He is working it out for his glory.

Where do I go from here

It’s been a minute since I last wrote anything in my blog. I have been drinking my water, minding my business and self reflecting on anything or one who doesn’t fit in my circle. My circle is limited to the ones who are deserving of my time, and I am sure everyone considers this same thought.

For one- Once a person comes to the realization of what the next step may be you start to rearrange and go inward. I noticed this about me since my brother’s passing.

For two- what does my circle look like? Hmmmm, maybe I have it twisted; in fact an actual circle goes around and keeps going around. I’m beginning to reconsider having a circle ⭕️. A line goes straight forward or backward but the ultimate goal is to keep pushing forward. As I grow older I must reconstruct from a circle to a line because I’m moving every day. I’m not forgetting about my peeps but I’m redirected, rediscovering, and reconnecting my goals and aspirations.

Regrowth is growing out of places we no longer fit. I am no longer holding a circle for the people who I love and trust because they are also not limited to a circle but deserve a space in my heart, whether we chilling every day or never chill again.

I’m loving my space and loving my new chapter, in which I am writing as we speak. I have the power to decide where I go from here and so do you.

Life gOes oN

Life goes one , no matter what is happening with you, or around you.

Life will bring good and bad , but you have to realize that staying humble is the key . Life goes on when we live in the worst circumstances , and life goes on if we die… because our souls are eternal. We will never die !!!!

Life goes on… to the exact thoughts you imagine. You have to change your thoughts. Life goes on to happiness… be happy. Life goes on after we lose someone we love… they never die. Be happy for them ,because they are living their best life for eternity.

Life goes on…so we must go on as long as we are here we must do the extraordinary things we are called to do.

Life goes oN

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