As the seasons change so do we. Well, perhaps, you are saying that you don’t. I beg to differ… you see you are changing and revolving constantly.

We as people change our hair,we change our cars when needed , or by want. We change lipstick and hair color. We change things we don’t like or we simply change for the sake of something different, something new.

The seasons are designed to bring out the old and bring in new. New circumstances whether good or bad.

As the seasons change we need to align ourselves to the change. We also need to change the things that no longer serve us.

Look to the seasons of change in your life. Embrace it. The change is designed to bring you into your next level of life.

Published by susu687

I started this blog to heal myself from the pain of losing my brother. Writing is a passion for me and I plan to use it to help myself heal while encouraging someone else.Please enjoy and thank you for stopping by!!

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