Where do I go from here

It’s been a minute since I last wrote anything in my blog. I have been drinking my water, minding my business and self reflecting on anything or one who doesn’t fit in my circle. My circle is limited to the ones who are deserving of my time, and I am sure everyone considers this same thought.

For one- Once a person comes to the realization of what the next step may be you start to rearrange and go inward. I noticed this about me since my brother’s passing.

For two- what does my circle look like? Hmmmm, maybe I have it twisted; in fact an actual circle goes around and keeps going around. I’m beginning to reconsider having a circle ⭕️. A line goes straight forward or backward but the ultimate goal is to keep pushing forward. As I grow older I must reconstruct from a circle to a line because I’m moving every day. I’m not forgetting about my peeps but I’m redirected, rediscovering, and reconnecting my goals and aspirations.

Regrowth is growing out of places we no longer fit. I am no longer holding a circle for the people who I love and trust because they are also not limited to a circle but deserve a space in my heart, whether we chilling every day or never chill again.

I’m loving my space and loving my new chapter, in which I am writing as we speak. I have the power to decide where I go from here and so do you.

Published by susu687

I started this blog to heal myself from the pain of losing my brother. Writing is a passion for me and I plan to use it to help myself heal while encouraging someone else.Please enjoy and thank you for stopping by!!

One thought on “Where do I go from here

  1. Continue to self develop yourself no matter what you do how do you do it as long as you know what’s your worth and where you’re going regardless of who doesn’t like it disapproves of it but don’t care about you as an individual, continue to do you regardless of what anybody else thinks

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