It starts and ends with me

I can’t control people’s ignorance.

It starts and ends with me.

I choose to acknowledge the ignorance for what it is and then let it go.

People are ignorant based on many different issues but the main reason is home training. What’s taught at home usually carries into the person’s life.

That is why you can notice a career criminal who does the worse crimes still may remember to address people with respect. I’m only basing this on my experience.

I choose to acknowledge that ignorance and send love and peace

As I seek truth on my journey to healing, I am trying to get out of my own way.

People are people and sometimes it can take one person to make them see something differently from how they usually do.

It ends with me… I end the anger and I will see a brighter day .

A day that will come through my journey of Truth

Published by susu687

I started this blog to heal myself from the pain of losing my brother. Writing is a passion for me and I plan to use it to help myself heal while encouraging someone else.Please enjoy and thank you for stopping by!!

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