Are you hurting?

Sometimes God uses hurt to bring us closer to him. People can hurt us more than we can imagine. Hurt can come through loss of anything.


Through it all, the hurt that is felt can be healed by God,but experiencing the pain helps us to grow. We become resilient to face anything that comes our way.

God is close to the broken-hearted and crushed in spirit (psalms 34:18). He knows that we are hurting and assures us that it shall pass. Joy comes in the morning .I interpret that as Joy comes in our mourning times , but the love of God will comfort us in all our difficulties. ❤️

There are times in which we experience hurt ,but through it God’s Love and Grace will comfort us.

If we believe in our Heavenly Father and his everlasting love for us. ✨⭐️❤️

Are you hurting? Take time to pray and God will heal your hurt.

Published by susu687

I started this blog to heal myself from the pain of losing my brother. Writing is a passion for me and I plan to use it to help myself heal while encouraging someone else.Please enjoy and thank you for stopping by!!

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