Rainy days are really sunny

Rainy days aren’t depressing, it’s a cleansing from God to purify the earth.

At times I get down when it rains, but I’m trying to spin it around and see it as a sunny day.

I’m trying to be happy with both types of weather. I mean , if it’s sunny and u get down at least seeing the sunshine puts you in a better mood. I’m doing that with my rainy day as well.

Feel the rain drops and know that there’s a brighter day coming.

It’s a rainy day , but it’s sunny in my thoughts. Change your thoughts on the rain and you will see a beautiful sunny day .

Published by susu687

I started this blog to heal myself from the pain of losing my brother. Writing is a passion for me and I plan to use it to help myself heal while encouraging someone else.Please enjoy and thank you for stopping by!!

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